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Accepting Deposits!
Goldie & Lassie
Golden Retriever's

This ICA litter of Golden Retriever puppies were born on Mar 7, 2024. They are 15 weeks old and ready for their new homes now!

All Reserved!
Goldie & Laurel
Golden Retriever's

This ICA litter of Golden Retriever puppies were born on Mar 4, 2024. They are all reserved now, thank-you for your interest!

Ensuring Healthy and Happy Puppy Litters

Optimal Nutrition for the Mother: Our care starts even before the puppies make their entrance into the world. We ensure that the expecting mother receives a balanced and nutritious diet. As her pregnancy advances, we adjust her food intake to meet her increasing caloric needs, ensuring she’s well-nourished and ready to nurse her pups.

Safe Whelping Spaces: Anticipating the arrival of new puppies, we set up a comfortable birthing area. This ensures that the mother can comfortably give birth, and the puppies are safe and contained.

Feeding Supervision: Monitoring the first crucial hours after birth is important, ensuring that every puppy is nursing and receiving the essential colostrum from their mother’s milk.

Warmth and Comfort: Understanding that newborns can’t regulate their body temperature, we sometimes use heating equipment to provide consistent warmth, always ensuring they can move to a cooler area if needed.

Regular Human Interaction: Beyond health checks, we interact with the puppies daily, occasionally introducing them to human touch and care. This practice not only fosters early socialization but also ensures they grow up to be well-adjusted, friendly dogs.

As the puppies grow, we sometimes introduce them to various environments within our facility, familiarizing them with different sounds and experiences, aiding in their comprehensive social development.

Veterinary Examinations: Within their first 6 weeks, each puppy undergoes a thorough health check to identify and address any potential issues.

Deworming and Immunizations: We prioritize the health of our litters by following a deworming schedule from a tender age. In alignment with best practices, our puppies also receive vaccinations as recommended by our veterinary.

From three to four weeks old, we initiate the process of introducing our puppies to solid food, ensuring a smooth transition from mother’s milk to high-quality puppy nutrition.

Being responsible breeders, our endeavors go beyond merely raising puppies; we are dedicated to providing them a good start in life. We think that our proactive care, health protocol, and good nutrition helps them get off to a good start in life, ensuring they are primed for a lifetime of happiness with their forever families.